– Why Aren't you posting any more comics?

I'm doing other stuff with my life.

– Will you do an interview for my site/magazine/podcast?

No, thank you. I don't like that stuff.

– Can I buy posters/postcards of your comics?

Not at the moment.

– I woud like to share your comics. What should I do? 

 Follow these simple rules:

OK: You can share my comics online on your facebook page, Google+, instagram, Tumblr, and no-profit platforms as long as you link back and give proper credit to me ®Alex Noriega.

NOT OK: You cannot print, distribute, make t-shirts, posters, postcards, calendars or use my comics and ideas without my writen permission.

– I have an amazing idea for a children's book and I would like you to illustrate it.

No, thank you. I don't do that.

– Is there a book I can buy with your work?


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