Jun 17, 2011

El futuro es brillante by Elisa Riera

When I was in Barcelona a few weeks ago, I went out one afternoon for a walk near downtown. I ran across my friend Elisa and we talked about how hard it is to find friends with whom you can talk about comics and share the same passion as we do. She's been working on this super cool autobio comics for some months now. You shouldn't miss them. I love Elisa's work.

 Ánimo, Eli!


Annisa Amalia said...

wow it's so me! kites in my room. nice )

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so cute. x hivenn

T. Roger Thomas said...

Must develop RC kite now

becca said...

i like kites

Everyday Life

monka96 said...

I agree with you Alex. Today It is difficult to find friends with whom you can share your passions. Lovely blog

Carolina C said...

Kites in my mind, too! :)

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