Apr 7, 2011

I'm alive

I'm alive!... I've just been busy looking for apartments here in Maputo with my girlfriend (visit her blog). I'm going to Barcelona today and I will stay there for a couple of months... I'm actually excited to go back home after these 6 months in Africa. I will also go to Toronto's TCAF in May. Anyone wants to walk me around?

Leo, the guy behind, bought the domain and gave it to me randomly... I didn't know him from before. Cool guy! visit his site!

Also, Box Brown (you probably know him from such comics as Bellen and Everything dies) started a new project called Super Gods... Cool stuff you can't miss! 

I'll post new SNOTM cartoons soon. I promise.


dimi said...

I'm glad you're ok!! Cute photo! Have a lovely day and thanks for the links! :)

Haven said...

Congrats on the newly acquired domain =)

becca said...

hi glad to know you're still alive

Becki Blake said...

me alegro que has vuelto porque me encanta tu blog. que lo pases muy bien en barcelona. acabo de llegar a austin (dónde soy) después de un año en valencia. lo echo de menos. ciao!

lines n shades said...

you seemed rather invisible for so long... good to knw what you are upto... :)

Don Dee said...

Liar! That hot chick can't be your girlfriend. She's too nice. :)

Just kidding, you lucky dog.

Shaffin said...

hey buddy, am glad you are coming to Maputo, and so I hope you can come to visit Tanzania sometime as I live in Iringa and I read and follow your blog. I appreciate all the work you do and if you have time, we say Karibu Sana [Welcome More].... Hugs Shaffin

Karl Lazaro said...

viva! mucho tiempo esperando :)

andreas schuster said...

I`m living in Toronto at the moment, I have only been here for a couple of months BUT if you want to hang around, write me an email.
I`ll also be selling stuff at tcaf with the


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