Jun 30, 2010


Pretty weird... I know.


michael said...

this is more than beautiful!!
thank you!!

Marina J. Gonçalves said...

oh, this is amazing!

I posted about your work in my blog (all the credits are there, of course!). You're really, really good!


Rachel Yoo said...

i don't get it. could someone be nice enough to explain? Dx

Raf said...


Alex Noriega said...

Rachel: Do you know this saying "If someone hurts you, turn the other cheek"?

And BDSM is a sexual practice where people actually get excited by hurting each other (physically).

There you go!

Jenna said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it! You are so talented.
All the best,

Martín Andrés said...

Jejeje! Ahora si! No lo sabía que era BDSM. Muy bueno! Es como buscar en Google como sacarse la adicción a internet :P

Mônico Reis said...

Hola Alex, feliciciones por tu blog es excelente!
Voy a seguir sus actualizaciones.
Por favor visite mi blog,
Dibujo caricaturas y retratos.
Un abrazo.

artebaiao said...


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to Barcelona in two weeks. I know the city quite well already (read: I've seen all the big sights and even middle-sized sights before). I want to do something other tourists wouldn't go for. Any tips? :)

Trip said...

Man, your ideas are on par with how you present them. It's really serious stuff made like if it was something light and everyday-like. I tend to forget to think about them that way. Pure props!

PS Hope it makes sense

Pit said...

Me he topado con tu blog.. y es excelente.
Amo cada ilustracion y lo que dice.

Ya soy tu fan!

Saludos desde México

caroliki said...

he llegado a tu blog por casualidad y me encanta.

dibujas verdades como puños (frase de abuela total...)

I really liked.

saludos desde barna

Simona said...

A week ago I accidentally found your blog, I looked through your drawings and was very happy that I have found them! :) They are amazing and really beautiful and texts are amazing as well. It all looks so simple but at the same time smart, funny, beautiful and lovely! :) Even my mom says: You're amazing and very talanted! :) I posted your link in my facebook profile so my friends could see this! Your blog and drawings made my day, I could even say- they made my week (Thank you for that!) and I think they will continue to make my days, because I'm not planning to stop reading it :D Keep doing this amazing thing and good luck! ;)

Alex Noriega said...

Hey , Simona. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Strange... to think of how I ended up checking out this blog... I guess it's just how it works, how the www makes you take the strangest twists and turns to end up just around the corner... This is really awesome. Had a lot of fun reading through your vignettes, Alex. And I was also surprised to see I am not the only person in Barcelona who chose to write in English ;-) Would be glad to link your site, although we probably have quite different audiences. Rock on, dude!

*∞dri mordente∞* said...

I adore having bumped into this blog.

oh,henry! said...

this one is my favorite! i love it!

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